Tuesday, 20 July 2010

the young ones...

My little boy (Harrit) and my little girl (Lieke) with our new little cria boy .... (no name yet)

Since the last blog...! We lost the final due to an Englishmen... Spain didn't play better. I didn't quit understand the Judge Webb. He isn't very popular in The Netherlands.

In the mean time whe had some crias. There was for example a brown little girl of Bozedown Kazzan. The mother doesn't have a good fleece but her cria looks nice. Furthermore we had a very beautiful male cria. Mostly it is "not another boy". But this one is really welcome. You can immediatly see it's fleece becomes very nice. He is totally superwhite with a very long fleece. His father is Chicago of Bozedown and his mother's Father is Olympus of Bozedown. The both of them already won Supereme Championships in 2009/2010.

The mother is one of our best females...

So maybe this becomes a futher stud for us... (but we have to see).



  1. Sorry Leo,

    Spain just played better football. The Referee was very restrained in our opinion. The game was described on UK TV as a game of two teams, one (Spain)playing beautiful football and the other team (Netherlands) were kicking great lumps out of the other team.

    I didn't think it was that bad though ;o))


  2. Yes, sorry Leo, your lot seemed to want a fight not a football match. The referee was restrained, you should have ended the game with 8 players. It was a shame.

    You have beautiful children, were you blonde before baldness arrived?

  3. Crazy man...! We desperatly wanted to win! We had to win... We don't like the Webb guy.
    First blond, then dark, after many years of study went bold, ha, ha...
    The are the two youngsters. We also have 2 older girls (9 and 11).
    See you,
    P.S. No other team won all the games before entering the Worldcup (and also won all the games at the worldcup). We played allways beautiful football and never won. We wanted to try the other way arround and almost succeeded.


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