Saturday, 31 July 2010

The studs we used this year... Bloodlines!

The studs
a lot of Supreme Champions...

Silverstream Flashdance (2x)

Bonnac Achillies (4x)

ATA Cambridge Centurion (1x)

Bozedown Comet II (2x)

Bozedown Chicago II (1x)

Bozedown Kazzan (1x)

Classical MileEnd Paris (1x)

MileEnd Claudius (1x)

MileEnd Leon (1x)

Classical MileEnd Lysander (2x)

Classical MileEnd Tulaco Centurion (1x)

Dovecote Jacquinto of Alpaca Stud (1x female death)

Furthermore we bought some young female offspring

Bozedown Olympus daughter (1x)

Bozedown Sun King daughter (1x)

Bozedown The Captain (1x)

Dovecote Jacquinto daughters (2x)

Classical MileEnd Tulaco Centurion (1x)

Classical Ikon (1x)

Shanbrooke Toffee Crunch of MileEnd (1x)



Hope we have a good start with these genetics...
Happy weekend,

First matings and watching monkeys do their job...

At 29th of july Veerle my eldest became 11 years... She got a "triker" bike from her mom and dad! What a lot of fun. Too bad they don't have them in an larger one... (for daddy).
My eldest brother!

All the kids on a polar (ice)-bear....

Yesterdayafternoon we had our first day off since a month....! So we went with our kids and some extra, ha, ha... to the Zoo. It is the Zoo where one of my assistants worked for 10 years before she decided to come to us (our familyhouse is also a little zoo).

The kids where more interested in the playgarden then in the animals. So a lot of time for us to sit down and rest. Stayed till closingtime in the zoo (we were late 13.00 h) there... (another client/patient) who wanted help in the morning was the cause! But no worries, we just still till the END in the zoo.

When we arrived home we had some kids (friends of my eldest daughter) for a sleepingparty ... Furthermore we did the first matings with Lysander (last evening). He did well. We had to use a experienced stud to stimulate him in the first place. But he got in... (hmmm... I think that's no good English).

No other cria yet. Thought an old lady (alpaca) would deliver this moring, because she was very restless last night. But nothing to see yet...

See you later, have a nice weekend,


Thursday, 22 July 2010

A passion for alpacafashion !!!

dress 1

coat 1
coat 2

coat 3
We are selling alpacaclothes since today! You want to see more examples? Mail us -

Products are handmade and available in every size. We have a lot of designclothes. We are still looking for resellers in England, Belgium and Germany.
All natural colors of alpacas/llamas!!!

Interesting for buying or selling this beautiful alpacaclothes -

See you, Leo

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

the young ones...

My little boy (Harrit) and my little girl (Lieke) with our new little cria boy .... (no name yet)

Since the last blog...! We lost the final due to an Englishmen... Spain didn't play better. I didn't quit understand the Judge Webb. He isn't very popular in The Netherlands.

In the mean time whe had some crias. There was for example a brown little girl of Bozedown Kazzan. The mother doesn't have a good fleece but her cria looks nice. Furthermore we had a very beautiful male cria. Mostly it is "not another boy". But this one is really welcome. You can immediatly see it's fleece becomes very nice. He is totally superwhite with a very long fleece. His father is Chicago of Bozedown and his mother's Father is Olympus of Bozedown. The both of them already won Supereme Championships in 2009/2010.

The mother is one of our best females...

So maybe this becomes a futher stud for us... (but we have to see).


Thursday, 8 July 2010

Ok. The Worldcup...! Finally we in The Final again.

Hopefully we could win. Spain played a supergame against Germany.

We will see. If so..., then everything and everybody will turn orange in The Netherlands. Trying to paint / color the alpacas as well (just kidding).

We are still waiting for our first cria. This month (and august) we expect 6 cria.

See you...
Wow..... Goal!!!!


Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Claudius the third Emperor

Yesterday we tried a first mating with Claudius. He is celebrating his second birthday in august. So he is very young but also full of hormons. A real Emperor of the Lowlands.

He did well. See the pictures.

Claudius at work and Lysander watching and learning

If you are interested for matings. Call us at 0031 - (0) 418 - 591302 (between 8.30 - 19.00 h).

See you,


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