Monday, 28 September 2009

Three pregnant ladies?

At the right of this photo our first female (she is dead) with two of her sons. She was peruvian, and did have a really nice fleece.

At the moment we have three pregnant ladies who should / could "collaps" every minute. Maybe the most difficult for us with a very busy life (as a vet) to keep an eye on these girls.

The little boy with the FTT is a little better after 2 iron injections and every day injection with an NSAID (Non steroid Anti Inflammentory Drug). This is also against the pain. We saw him standing / scraping his teeth.... - an indication of pain. I (Leo) suspect him also that he has developed some stomach-ulcers... I didn't treat him for it. First see what the other injections will do.

Had some serious questions about buying alpacas last few days... We did mention some farms, but I get the notice that my advice is doing nothing, ha, ha... We have no interess in selling our own animals at this moment (or you must be interested in some Coburger Fuchs sheep, ha, ha...).
So again: Our advice is freely and independent! We don't get any money from any alpacafarm. We don't have any benifit from our advice. We like to help people to get a really "good start" with their new herd. You can ask us for free for advice (for us it is just a hobby with an huge H - an expression of Marieke). But certainly it is your decision from who you will buy the alpacas. I hope you don't make the same mistakes as we did when we started... It is remarkeble to see that so many people in Holland wants to buy quality alpacas.

Makes it more difficult for us to win some prices in the future, ha, ha....!

We sent Lysanders (our "super" future stud) fleece to germany for a show. We will see. I'll keep you informed.

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Friday, 18 September 2009

Immunoproblems in alpacas

....................... and bloodsamples

Photo: Bloodsamples taken of an alpaca suspected of FTT Bata4en - Vet - Lab. (micr. 10 x 40)

As a mentioned before: There are a lot of immunoproblems in alpacas. You can categorise them in three groups:

  1. IDS / Immunodeficiency syndrome
  2. FPT / Failure of Passive Transfer (see article IgG)
  3. FTT / Failure to Thrive

The last; FTT was new for me. But now I have such an animal in my own herd.

The symptoms. The cria is growing normally til the moment of weaning. After that period the cria will loose weight. Most owners think it is because of the weaning. IgG-levels are mostly in a normal range (above 800 mg/dl). Futher studies on bloodlevels give a very low rate of iron and an anemic animal (very low RBC / red blood cel count). When the IgG level is low the prognosis is almost infaust - or at least very bad...

Most of them (but not all) will have very low thyroxine levels in their blood.

It is often first noticed at an age of 6 months. The alpaca is staying behind in growth. It is recommended that a treatment is started immidiatly after diagnosed.


Ironinjections / every 7 - 10 days.

T4 - supplement (orally) hormons

Hyperimmuneplasma should be administred

Multivitamins and selenium in feeding


Prognose 30 - 40% of the animals will die. It seems to be NON - hereditary! Females who will recover have normal crias.

We can test your animals within several minutes for their IgG Hematocriet and T4 levels. Let us know when you expect such a problem... You can also ask your vet to contact us.

Many greetings and a nice day to you,


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Sunday, 13 September 2009

Hip problems

Last week I saw a patiënt with a locomotionproblem. It looks like it has a hipproblem (dysplasia). He walks the same like a dog with HD. We did some research in our literature, but their is nothing documented on this subject in alpacas.

So if anybody have any information on this subject, please e-mail...
Photo: Heupdysplasia in a dog / source:



P.S. "Yes we will take some X-ray, but probably the cria is too young at the moment".

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Today we picked up three girls. They were at alpaca farm Carpe Diem for matings.... Yvonne and Jan showed us some sons of Chieftain (a australian stud which is own by a former Dutchman Michiel de Reeper). One of them was really great. Only 3 months old and standing as a real CHIEF.

I hope the girls are pregnant! One of the litte cria is becoming really great... Her father is Classical Ikon. Personally I wasn't charmed by this stud, but Marieke made a good desission with Ikon.

Yvonne and Jan - thank you for taking good care of our girls.

On the photo: Last cria born (with floppy ears). It is sign of "early birth". Plasma should be used - Ask for the newsletter for more information.

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Sunday, 6 September 2009


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IgG and alpacas

Immuno globulin G

IgG is one of the antibodies which have all living animals / humans... Antibodies are trying to keep you from sickness. Alpacas are born with very low levels of IgG. They will get their IgG by colostrum... It is therefore important when the mare has no milk or the cria won't suckle IgG is given to the cria.

IgG can easy be won by plasma (blood without cells) from an alpaca of your herd.

It is possible that we measure the IgG level of your alpaca. When the IgG level is low or stays low it can be necessary to give your alpaca some plasma. Sometimes that means months after the cria is born. Otherwise your alpaca will have healthproblems at the first year of age.

You can contact us for measuring your alpaca/cria bloodsample for IgG-level.

Or just mail us for our first newsletter (nr. 1) which is about ALPACA / CRIA / PLASMA

Greetings, Leo

New corrals from the US

We bought two corrals from the United States. They are very light and easy to transport.

The two little females from England were in today. Nice at the gras of the garden to our house (sight from our kitchen).

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Chas tubefeeding

He 's really easy (just knows how to handle), handy and fast with alpacas. Ultrasound is made in 5 seconds. Tubefeeding alone... No worries...! The real Alpacawhisperer: Chas Brooke

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Friday, 4 September 2009

Tubefeeding a cria

Saw a nice video on the website about tubefeeding...

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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

What's so special?

I don't know! I didn't see it?
Ha, ha... It was beautifull. But they were closed!? So we were send away after going through the fence / gate. Nobody could own these forces from such an object. STUPID...

Very beautifull. You will pass it while going over the A303 in south of England. We did when collecting the alpacas last week.

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Does your alpaca have a infection which doesn't heal?

Then alway use a sterile swab to send to the laboratorium. They can tell you what bacteria is in the wound and which antibiotics you should use...
So we did!

Flatfoot and his friends...

Don't try this at home.
This young female has a problem with her tendons... And her feet. We have to immobilize her. Give her steroïds to make her tendons and muscles stronger.

Classical MileEnd Alpacas

Thanks Rachel and Chas.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

If your work is your hobby...

X-ray! What do they say...?

First, I am a vet! And for my hobby, I have some alpacas.

What is more perfect then combining these two!

We have some alpaca-patiënts at our vet-practice this moment.

One of this patiënts has a problem with his frontleg. It was broken more than a year ago...

We made some pictures with our digital x-ray system (Philips). The fraction has healed, but their is an infection of the intramedullair bone. The inflammation will be flushed daily for several weeks with a combination of antibiotics. We first have taken a swab of the infection to determine which bacteria is involved and what antibiotics the best could be used...

Nice case for a vet who is interested in alpacas.

Many greetings, Leo

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