Saturday, 31 July 2010

The studs we used this year... Bloodlines!

The studs
a lot of Supreme Champions...

Silverstream Flashdance (2x)

Bonnac Achillies (4x)

ATA Cambridge Centurion (1x)

Bozedown Comet II (2x)

Bozedown Chicago II (1x)

Bozedown Kazzan (1x)

Classical MileEnd Paris (1x)

MileEnd Claudius (1x)

MileEnd Leon (1x)

Classical MileEnd Lysander (2x)

Classical MileEnd Tulaco Centurion (1x)

Dovecote Jacquinto of Alpaca Stud (1x female death)

Furthermore we bought some young female offspring

Bozedown Olympus daughter (1x)

Bozedown Sun King daughter (1x)

Bozedown The Captain (1x)

Dovecote Jacquinto daughters (2x)

Classical MileEnd Tulaco Centurion (1x)

Classical Ikon (1x)

Shanbrooke Toffee Crunch of MileEnd (1x)



Hope we have a good start with these genetics...
Happy weekend,


  1. Some great blood there, Leo. I wish we could access such studs more easily here in Norway


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