Sunday, 4 September 2011

Thursday, 21 July 2011

New (special) microscope

Today the new microscope for the Embryotransfer arrived. With a very excellent camera on... We had a camera on the other (normal) microscope but this one is super. It has LED lights - that makes it more easy to find the embryo.
We ordered today also a new scanner (Tringa Linear VET / Esaote / PieMedical). It is a very "handy" little scanner... Also for the ET. We are waiting for the special "freeze lab-equipment".
It is just a theory that we think we can freeze the embryo. I hope it works... Otherwise it was an big investment .... But we can use this equipment as well for normal ET-work.
So if you are interested in Europe to have some nice embryos (of your own alpacas or somebody elses alpacas) don't hesitate to contact us...

 New Microscope with special camera (suitcase)
New scanner

P.S. We still have a PieMedical 200 scanner with a same transducer (for sale)... So if somebody is interested, let me know...

Alpacas of  the Lowlands - Marieke & Leo van Merwijk

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Juvenile cataract and trauma

 Juvenile cataract
Trauma of the eye

Last week I went to see a young cria without an anus. Then he had another with a white lens... Juvenile cataract in an alpaca? When I came home one of the youngsters (few days old) had severe trauma on his eye. The first is not irreverseble. The second problem (trauma) looks more severe but will always recover beautiful. Maybe a little spot left in a few weeks.

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