Thursday, 27 May 2010

I was asked to mention the Tuberculose Alpaca Blog . I think it is a usefull blog. So...

Greetings, Leo

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Embryo Transfer in Alpacas

We are going to start our ET-CRIA program.

We have a new goal: "Succesful implanting after freezing the embryo."


Check out this SlideShare Presentation about ET in alpacas:

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The fastest shearer in town....

At Sunday we had a visit from Chris Williams of Ambursun Alpaca (Australie). We first did some drinks at our place and then go for a BBQ with some friends of ours (Eline and Hans). Chris decided to go with us.

We did go by bike but at Hans they drove the ferrari (F355) for half an hour. The meat was fantastic on the US Cooker of our guest. Also the beer, wine, champagne and the snaps (Texelaartje). Well then my lights went out.

We should shear some alpacas in the morning. But I think Chris wasn't feeling to well also... So we still have to shear another 8 1/2 alpaca, ha, ha... We will do it this afternoon.

Was a good weekend... See you later on the blog,

Friday, 21 May 2010

Half done...

We were shearing our blooddonors, when suddenly our shearingequipment refused to work any longer.... Something was very wrong with that machine, ha, ha....

The alpaca Storm (a gelded male) was looking very strange. A new very modern haircut!?

Immediatly (same day / yesterday) I bought a second shearing machine and repaired the "old" one. But he will have to wait for saterday that Marieke and I can finish the job.

We are becoming fantastic weather in the next days (this weekend). So the last alpacas can be shorn... Have a nice weekend,


Monday, 17 May 2010

Our first alpaca female (a girl from Chile) with our eldest daughter.
This picture was taken a few years back.

Today we scanned the females. They were all pregnant, except the last three. We did expect this... so no disappointment. We collected blood (for progestronlevels). If they are low, we treat the girls with prostaglandines. And mate them five days later (after given Receptal).

We put in the "new ones" from England in our "herd". They really have to adapt to their new situation. The black stud is really a macho. He isn't afraid of anything. Really looking great.

Mail the alpaca-vet
Life at my parents farm (many years ago)...
Maas Rijn IJssel cattle (small herd - 60 cows)

Photo: My sister, me in the middle and my father

Last weeks we were visiting some very known alpacabreeders in The Netherlands. They have very different breedinggoals ...!? Some very beautifull alpacas with lovely fleeces (all around the alpaca). Some breeders go for good conformation and others go for the best fleeces.

We (Marieke and I) go for excellent conformation and the better fleeces (all around). We don't like the big heads, short neck and long back... Our three studs for the end of this year / next year are offering the best genetics in every color in The Benelux. ME Leon, ME Claudius and CME Lysander ET. Hope there will be some more shows in the future in the Benelux.

Furthermore I was looking on the internet for alpacas in Norway and Finland. Seems that they are much further in breeding and started a national studbook in these lands.

All the same breeders (who exports to The Netherlands) have much exported to these lands (Finland and Norway). Mariah Hill, Tim Hey, Bozedown, etc. It suprised me that they have a worldwide / european influence on the alpacamarket. The Fins are member of AZVD. I'll think it is strange that allways the same farms are exporting...

I'll guess that there never will be an export of an alpaca from The Netherlands to USA, England or NZ and Australiƫ. We must hurry with an importscreening for alpacas in The Netherlands!

Many greetings,

Mail the alpaca-vet

Saturday, 15 May 2010

New Champion?

He really is a great looking alpaca
CME Claudius of Alpacas of the Lowlands
Hope he will do fine at the shows!

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