Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Castrate an alpaca

It takes about 10-15 minutes / 2 people.
So take a look at the video.
Also at the Bata4en - channel at YOUTUBE

Video how to castrate an alpaca
See you! Leo

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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The blue heron mill in Haaften

View from the dike.

In Haaften we got our own mill just behind the dike: "The Blue Heron Mill".

It is a beautiful smal village at the river "The Waal" in the Netherlands. It has about 2600 citizens and was formerly an agriculture community.

And we have of course about 30 alpacas, ha, ha....

See you,


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Haaften: Seen from the river the "Waal".

Sunday, 20 June 2010

100 Alpacas in a Mercedes - Guiness book of records?

We did it! A new worldrecord? 100 Alpacas in a Mercedes 300.

Our neighbour collected our 100 Alpaca(toys). They are for sale...

We already sold 4 of them in four days, ha, ha...

Shearing a supreme champion

Today we sheared Lysander (one of the last ones).
Well, I think we have some good alpacas..., but there is only one "Lysander".
Amazing...., really, really amazing...., WHAT A FLEECE. Not excellent! He is SUPERIOR to what I have seen in any alpaca in Holland, Germany and Belgium.

We did saw some nice fleeces from Australia a few weeks back, but Lysander is even better (I was suprised).


I will make some pictures of the fleece tomorrow to show you.

3.8 kg of first class fleece (already throw away second and third class fleece).

He did his first mating last week. No little boy anymore...

Tetralogy of Fallot

Last week we got a female alpaca in our practice with a cria of 1 day. The cria was very weak, wouldn't drink. So we gave him some tubefeeding. After three times his state of happiness wasn't any better. Still sleepy and very tired. Looked like if he had trouble with breathing.

Hmmm.... Futher clinical examination. --> Auscultation of the heart gave a big souffle - like a steammachine....

Something wrong with his heart / circulation. We decided (with the owner) that evening that we euthenase him. We did a pathology-investigation on him. What did we found?

A tetralogy of Fallot! Never heard of it in an alpaca. Wooooo ... Still learning.

The cria had an ventrikel septum defect, an extisting right aorta and the muscle of his right ventrikel were even bigger then of his left ventrikel.

Ok. We search on the internet. It was mentioned that they found some. No relation could be made to the stud or the female (mother).

A alpaca with this heartcondition has no chance of survival.

See you...,


Our SD-card of of Madrid crashed (o, no...). So we have no pictures left. Please send us some of your pictures (dear readers and Madrid congress visitors).

Monday, 7 June 2010

Alpaca worldcongress

Parc in Madrid

Marieke is looking for a good spot to swim?

At the speakersroom!

Just two bold guys on a hot night in Madrid....

My German collegae

The galadinner

I see ten nationalities

Our English and Dutch friends at a coffeebreak


Our dear Libby - promoting the BAS!

Congress in Madrid was great!

It was silly there were so few visitors. I think about 60 persons from all over the world. But that makes this congress very interesting because everybody could speak and learn from eachother.
The lectures and speakers were fantastic!!! I can´t understand that the organiser Alan B. Staples had get some many interesting subject for alpacas on his program.
I was very sorry for him there were such a few people. I don´t think he will ever do this again (for alpaca-industry). And that´s a shame.
Very glad we went to Madrid.
For those who are interested we write a short report on the lectures. I´ll send it to you when you give us your e-mail adress (mail to
Bye, bye....

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