Monday, 31 August 2009

We always have beautifull alpacas for sale. Prices vary between 500 euro (pets) - 2500 (female - lower quality) till 20000 euro (superstuds).

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The 18 hours of Jinke, the alpacas and me...

We were going to Paris in England???

Some recommandations for transporting / exporting animals from England to the Netherlands.

  1. Don't go for a ride all over England on the last weekend of the summer holiday (black Friday). The traffic jam is hell...

  2. Never use Norfolkline for the transport of your animals. "We go for the wellfare of the animals". But they let them wait for 6 HOURS!!! All becaus of a little rain and wind... I had to beg to get to the mainland.

  3. Don't use the port Dover - Calais or Dover - Dunkurque. Best boat to catch for the Netherlands is Harwich - Hoek van Holland. It is much more expensive, but much better for the animals. No waiting. Much larger ship - no worries for the animals - very stabel. You and the animals will get much more time for resting / sleep.

  4. Don't put to much animals in a trailer. A good advice / protocol should be half the animals you can normally transport would be the max for such a long trip.

  5. Take some hay and water with you and there must be enough straw on the floor.

  6. There should be enough ventilation for the animals...

  7. Stop every 2 to 3 hours. It is better for the animals. The stop wouldn't take longer than 10 minutes. The animals can standup when you are standing still.

At the photo's:

Me and the first officer of Norfolklline and two co-workers on the dock...

Chas Brook and me looking over compatible medicine in England and the Netherlands.

Genevuive getting mated with Paris (hopefully we will collect her in october with the other new 5 girls).

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Lysander - The new King of The Lowlands

Here he is...!

The new King of The Lowlands.

Our brand new studmale

A super stud for the future who has already won some prestigous shows in England (look at the list at the end of this article). Most amazing fleece... never saw anything like this.

Thank you Chas and Rachel of Classical MileEnd of letting him go.

Many greetings, Leo


British Alpaca Futurity 2009

Judge Amanda Vandenbosch

Junior White Male – 1st Classical MileEnd Lysander ET


BAS Spring Show 2009

Judge Val Fullerlove

Junior White Male – 2nd Classical MileEnd Lysander


Heart of England Show 2009

Judge Cathy Lloyd

Junior Fawn Male – 2nd CME Lysander ET


Devon County Show 2009

Judge Vicki Agar

Junior Fawn Male – 3rd CME Lysander ET


Royal Bath & West Show 2009

Judge Liz Barlow

Junior Fawn Male – 1st CME Lysander ET


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