Monday, 28 September 2009

Three pregnant ladies?

At the right of this photo our first female (she is dead) with two of her sons. She was peruvian, and did have a really nice fleece.

At the moment we have three pregnant ladies who should / could "collaps" every minute. Maybe the most difficult for us with a very busy life (as a vet) to keep an eye on these girls.

The little boy with the FTT is a little better after 2 iron injections and every day injection with an NSAID (Non steroid Anti Inflammentory Drug). This is also against the pain. We saw him standing / scraping his teeth.... - an indication of pain. I (Leo) suspect him also that he has developed some stomach-ulcers... I didn't treat him for it. First see what the other injections will do.

Had some serious questions about buying alpacas last few days... We did mention some farms, but I get the notice that my advice is doing nothing, ha, ha... We have no interess in selling our own animals at this moment (or you must be interested in some Coburger Fuchs sheep, ha, ha...).
So again: Our advice is freely and independent! We don't get any money from any alpacafarm. We don't have any benifit from our advice. We like to help people to get a really "good start" with their new herd. You can ask us for free for advice (for us it is just a hobby with an huge H - an expression of Marieke). But certainly it is your decision from who you will buy the alpacas. I hope you don't make the same mistakes as we did when we started... It is remarkeble to see that so many people in Holland wants to buy quality alpacas.

Makes it more difficult for us to win some prices in the future, ha, ha....!

We sent Lysanders (our "super" future stud) fleece to germany for a show. We will see. I'll keep you informed.

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