Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Does your alpaca have a infection which doesn't heal?

Then alway use a sterile swab to send to the laboratorium. They can tell you what bacteria is in the wound and which antibiotics you should use...
So we did!


  1. What a horrible wound. I hope the alpaca is better. Do you ever use any other products than antibiotics to help with infections?

  2. Yes, I flush this wound with NaCl with gentamycine (antibiotics) and then use a TSO (antibiotics) for horses (pasta). The dermal wound is treated with Lotagen (is a woundgel which can't be bought anymore - out of registration). This gel (Lotagen) heals the wound very beautiful / no strange inflammationtissue is formed...
    When you have some illness in your herd (internal disease) it is wise to keep their (the alpacas) immunnesystem very alert (you can do this by feeding a good balans feed with minerals (such as Selenium and vitamins). Sometimes we use NSAID's. The strange thing with this wound is that no bacteria has been isolated?! That means: I have to flush it and it has to heal from the inside out - the wound has to close from the inside to the outside. It is a problem when it is otherwise, because the you "close in / capture" the bacteria, so it will never heal...
    This stud has won some prices in your country when he was a youngster. He got this wound which never healed and was never shown again. Very lovely animal. I hope we will get him ok... Thanks for your interest.
    Many greetings,


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