Wednesday, 14 January 2009

English versus Dutch

In the last months it became clear to me that the dutch market for breeding high quality alpacas is very little at this moment. Therefore I decide to focus on a bigger audience..., which means that I translate my blog in english in the future. There will be a lot of language/writing problems, ha, ha... But I'll try to evolve!

Yours sincerly,

Leo van Merwijk (DVM)


Alpacas are delightfull, beautifull, exceptional creatures of nature.


Last week Marieke (my wife) and I (and our little babygirl Lieke) went to England by plane (easyJet). Jet is one of my former assistents, but she wasn't easy (in many ways to explain?). We visit Chas and Rachel at their alpacafarm in Tiverton (Classical MileEnd Alpacas) Two great people who are willing to help us by selling some beautifull alpacagirls. So we are happy now...

I'll ask some foto's to show (of) my harem (of alpacas).

Many greetings,

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  1. It's a shame for you that you have to post in English. I feel bad that people have to do this but it's a reality. We also post in Standard English (we are Scots!). I guess we just get used to using it from birth and speaking slightly differently sometimes...... Glad your audience is bigger, though!


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