Monday, 15 November 2010


In dutch GIFT means "a present". But that is not what we mean.


In May or June 2010 the AAFT (Australian Alpaca Fibre Testing) brings the OFDA2000 alpacafibre-testmachine to the Netherlands. We will be testing alpacafibre for one or two days...
What is the advantage of testing with AAFT.
  1. You can watch the testing
  2. More results over the total fleece (9 testpoints in GIFT)
  3. You don't have to wash the fleecesamples anymore before sending it to Australia (lot of work)
  4. You can get an explanation of the result from the fleece of your animals of the expert who is working with the OFDA2000
  5. It gives you much information of what went well and what did go wrong in your alpacaherd in 2009/2010
Don't miss it!!!


  1. We have had Paul Valleley do his GIFT talk here.
    It is a must for the serious alpaca breeder to understand what breeding is all about.
    most importantly this technology is Proven, not just breeding for as with other systems.
    the sheep industry in australia have been using this technology for over 10 years and there are statistics to prove it.
    Paul himself is an ultrafine sheep breeder for many years, and his knowledge is so vast.
    i hope he can get some samples over there for you to see, what we can breed to.
    and we can breed this quicker than sheep were able to, because of the structure of the alpaca fibre.
    I emphasise, take the opportunity of meeting and talking to Paul Vallely one on one.
    He has alot to show you, and you will be amazed, as he explains the across fibre SD, and the GIFT technology.
    i hope this is succesful for you leo

  2. I forgot to say in the previous post, yes GIFT is a present, but it is a GIFT given to those who take up this tool.
    It is a GIFT because, we would all like to have a book to tell us and show us how to make the best dicision in life.
    Well in breeding and choosing herdsires etc, we all would like to have a book to tell us that also. instead of making the wrong breeding dicision.
    Well, GIFT does take the guess work out, it is a tool, to assist you in making the right breeding dicisions, as you have all the information in front of you.
    but this is different to other fleece testing.
    histograms, skin sampling.
    This tells you more.
    because it takes the enviromental factors, like feed, age, working, pregnancy, etc out of the equation, and leaves you with the true genetic values of the alpaca.
    It will tell you if this alpaca is capable of producing progeny that will produce premium fleece.
    GiFT will also tell you, if the fleece traits are not as good as you would like, what to look for in your breeding dicisions to correct and with this information it saves many generations of breeding to get to where you want to be.
    Please look at GIFT.


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