Thursday, 16 September 2010

Long time ago...

Never been so long offline with the blog! I had to many things to do. We have some other cria (even today - legend Devocote Jacquinto. She looks nice... She only walked on her carpi instead of her front feet.
Other thing is that I booked a ticket to visit Australia in november this year. Just for a few days to visit some alpacafriends and their farms and see how life is going at the other end of the globe!

This picture is no trick - it is how hard the sun was shining today...!

This is the last week that people can make official complain to the plans for the new Animal Hospital we are planning to build. It will be a building made out of steel (roof, walls) and glass (walls). It very beautifull to see on a picture (hope it is the same in real). We are trying to make the building CO2-neutral. By gaining earthwarmt in the winter and cooling in the summer due to earthtemperature and this machine goes on electricity that is made by suncollectors (don't know if that is the real english word for it...).

To stand at the fair was a good trigger for other alpacabreeders as well. We have 3 people who will / have done fairs with their alpacas in the last weeks / or will do it in the next few weeks. I 'll think it is a good opportunity to promote your own alpacafarm and alpacas and alpacaproducts in common... So keep up the good work (advertisements).

Hope you all do fine, see you,



  1. Your new Animal Hospital sounds very exciting, good luck - I think you are referring to 'ground-source heat pumps' and 'solar panels' as they are known in the UK. regards, Dave.

  2. Well you must make sure, you visit us, when you come to Australia, we are probably not far from where yu will be visiting.
    Looking forward to seeing you Down Under


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