Sunday, 15 November 2009

HCT ok!

We have taken bloodsamples of all the alpacas after the last horrible incident. Everything seems to be normal. All the alpacas had a HCT (hematocriet / red cell count) between 33 and 52. Our blooddonors seems to have the highest HCT (after injections with Iron).

Nothing wrong with the herd? Let's hope so...


Yesterday we (The Vet Practice) had a alpaca-patiƫnt which / who's HCT was only 14!!! We discussed a bloodtransfusion. Her weight was just above the 30 kg (adult female). It was treated against worminfections every three months (that's ok). Nothing wrong with that!

Problem with alpacas is what dewormer are you using and how much of it.

This patient probably had Barber worm in combination with stomachulcera and a negative energie balans after birthing. I believe she will be ok in a several weeks with our treatment.


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