Sunday, 4 September 2011

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Monday, 22 August 2011

Thursday, 21 July 2011

New (special) microscope

Today the new microscope for the Embryotransfer arrived. With a very excellent camera on... We had a camera on the other (normal) microscope but this one is super. It has LED lights - that makes it more easy to find the embryo.
We ordered today also a new scanner (Tringa Linear VET / Esaote / PieMedical). It is a very "handy" little scanner... Also for the ET. We are waiting for the special "freeze lab-equipment".
It is just a theory that we think we can freeze the embryo. I hope it works... Otherwise it was an big investment .... But we can use this equipment as well for normal ET-work.
So if you are interested in Europe to have some nice embryos (of your own alpacas or somebody elses alpacas) don't hesitate to contact us...

 New Microscope with special camera (suitcase)
New scanner

P.S. We still have a PieMedical 200 scanner with a same transducer (for sale)... So if somebody is interested, let me know...

Alpacas of  the Lowlands - Marieke & Leo van Merwijk

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Juvenile cataract and trauma

 Juvenile cataract
Trauma of the eye

Last week I went to see a young cria without an anus. Then he had another with a white lens... Juvenile cataract in an alpaca? When I came home one of the youngsters (few days old) had severe trauma on his eye. The first is not irreverseble. The second problem (trauma) looks more severe but will always recover beautiful. Maybe a little spot left in a few weeks.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Stillbirth - on christmasday!

On Christmasday we found this little one in the stable. Lenght is about 16 cm. --> average age - 12 - 16 weeks old (pregnant). Probably the older female. Lucky she isn't sick...!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Australia in 6 days...

Just been to Australia. I don't understand why people leave this country to live somewhere else...?!
What a great, fantastic country. And the Aussies are so relaxed. It all seems terrific! Even the alpacas that we have seen.
We met some people (I may say: "new friends").
We arrived at 19th of november very late in the evening at the airport of Melbourne. We had a taxi / cab who took us to the Novotel-hotel near the beach. My companionfellow did want to go to sleep but I purchased him that we visit the local pub near the hotel. It was great fun that evening... Lots of people who are had a great party wiht live music.
Next day we had to take a look at Melbourne - wow... nice!
We left to visit a friend in Mount Macedon (Ron and his wife Colleen). Had a very good time over there and saw some kangaroos (called kangoolies by Ron).
The next day we saw the "hanging rock" and left for a drive on the Great Ocean Road. We stayed the night in Apollo and next day went on to Portland and further on... Visit a farm on the road (with alpacas) and in the evening we arrived at Adrianne and Chris Williams place. We had a drink and went to bed (tired). In the moring we sheared all the top alpacas of Australia (all the studs). In the afternoon we did some vinyardvisitings (and little bit of winetasting)! hmmm..... Visit a friend of Chris for a beer and went to a local pub for more. We were a little bit quiet in the evening (according to Adrianne). Ha, ha... to much to drink.
Next day we did a drive at the beach and went for visit a special visrestaurant. We discussed the alpacas and had another look at some animals. Had a look at the alpacashop and what they sell in Handorf (hope I spell this correct). It is a little touristcity with german roots.
Next day we left for Adelaide. I decided on the way to give a ring at last farm: EP Cambridge. We were more than welcome over there. What a nice people over there (one big family - but were employees). Had to see all the studs and the farm. Amazing how big it is...!
I would like to thank all the people we met for the pleasant stay and the hospitality of Australia. I would be proud if I was an Aussie!
Thanks again... Hope to be back soon!


Mail the alpaca-vet

Monday, 15 November 2010


In dutch GIFT means "a present". But that is not what we mean.


In May or June 2010 the AAFT (Australian Alpaca Fibre Testing) brings the OFDA2000 alpacafibre-testmachine to the Netherlands. We will be testing alpacafibre for one or two days...
What is the advantage of testing with AAFT.
  1. You can watch the testing
  2. More results over the total fleece (9 testpoints in GIFT)
  3. You don't have to wash the fleecesamples anymore before sending it to Australia (lot of work)
  4. You can get an explanation of the result from the fleece of your animals of the expert who is working with the OFDA2000
  5. It gives you much information of what went well and what did go wrong in your alpacaherd in 2009/2010
Don't miss it!!!

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